Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Love Breakfast!!

Before I go on...please watch the firs 40 seconds of this video...

How freaking cute is this little girl? She pretty much sums up my feelings about breakfast...if there is one thing I love more than cupcakes it is breakfast! (sweet tooth pattern much?) I love breakfast!!!

So Nick didn't have work today, so I convinced him to take me on a date, Breakfast style! I wouldn't call it a Date Night...Date Day? Date Morning? I'm not sure, but he picked me up and off we went! We decided to try this place called The Cottage in La jolla, and let me tell you, it was divine!
The whole patio was covered with green umbrellas! Love!

So, we end up having this super nice server, who suggest we get a Greek Omelette, with potatoes, a freshly baked scone, and French Toast with fresh fruit on top. Me and Nick exchanged a quick glance and instantly knew what to, Sold! 
Happy as a clam, waiting for our yummy food. 
Coffee permanently glued to my hand. (Ignore my messy excuse for hair please.)

And then...the food came. First, let me just say that i planned on taking pictures of everything for you. Then, about three bites in to the meal I realized that I was too much of a fatty to stop myself before I took a bite. But, I did salvage some pretty good photos...Warning: Mouth may water.
Greek omelette, half of a scone, country potatoes, AND bacon.
French toast with bananas and strawberries on top!

I know! Anyways, it was the strangest thing in the world. I blacked out, and when I finally came to, this was what was in front of me.
I'm not sure what happened, but I have it on good authority that Nick ate all of the food. Because there is no way I could eat that much food and still fit in my pants. Right? Right???? I will investigate this mystery of the missing food, and get back to you. There must be some explanation on how it just disappeared!
What's that boy? Janey is stuck in the well???? Oh, nevermind. Hudson just wanted me to tell you that I got a Formspring account! You can find it on my sidebar (the yellow box) Basically, you can ask me anything you want. I am an open book!

Full Belly and Complication-free today!


Anonymous said...

Love going out to breakfast! Glad you had a nice start to your day. xo

MJ said...

Haha. Hope you find the missing food!

you and your boyfriend are adorable, I am sure I've told you that already, but it's true!

Alyssa said...

Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day!
Your breakfast is kinda making me drool even though i just ate desert!
bacon AND french toast - YES PLEASE!!!

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