Monday, November 15, 2010

We Interrupt Your Program.....

Leave it to me to mess up my blog schedule the second week into my new regime. I know, I know, you were expecting this:
But, alas I had a very busy week/weekend, and I haven't gotten my act together. So, Blogs to Love will be moved to Wednesday this week, and maybe permanently. Is it just me, or does Wednesday just feel like you have more time in between, even though they are still 7 days apart? There is good news though! You would pleased to know I have many ideas and contact with some fabulous blogs already on the schedule! And I will give you a hint at the end of this blog about who is being feature on Wednesday...

Also, I came up with a new logo for Blogs to Love, but I still love the old one (see above)..
Which one do you like better?

SO! Instead of Blogs to Love, I will fill you in on my adventure filled weekend....equally exciting right???

It all started with Thursday, my friend Christina's (or as we call her, CRaine) 21st birthday!! Since it was on Veteran's Day, she decided to have a "America" themed soiree in which we were galavanting the streets of Pacific Beach! 
I wore a white v-neck, bright blue pants (yes, I own bright blue pants), and of course a U.S.A big bow in my hair. Any excuse to wear a bow is fine with me! Craine was actually dressed like the statue of liberty, complete with blinking torch light. We had an amazing time! Definitely one for the record books.

Friday was date night! The beau and I have very different schedules, so whenever we do see each other, we are too exhausted to do anything. But on Friday we vowed to leave the house and go to a movie. We went to see Skyline (creepy alien movie, Nick's pick), and had a very romantic meal of Mcdonald's. What? We can't afford a fancy dinner AND a movie....sacrifices people!
Cozy and comfy on date night! And yes, I rock the messy bun on the regular!

As you already know, it was Shea and Sarah's birthday on Friday. So, me and Nicholas went up to visit them on Saturday for dinner and cake! Mamacita Sarah made yummy pasta, and I gave them their presents....which they loved (right guys? haha) We ended the night with a great little movie...
Just look at this poster and try NOT to smile...I dare you!

Finally, Sunday Nick and I decided to do one of our favorite things. Thrift store shopping!! We went out and about in Orange County to look for some fabulous finds! 
Be still, my heart! Thrift overload!
We soon learned that some Thrift Stores in Newport are a little bit out of our price range. Manolo, Chanel, Versace Oh My!
I really want to find albums with Grey and Yellow covers and frame them for my room to match my color palette. I sat and looked through all of these!
I know this isn't grey and yellow, but how cute is this????

We walked away empty handed unfortunately, but we could think of one thing that could salvage our moods....
Sprinkles!! We rarely have a trip up to Orange County without visiting our beloved Sprinkles! we got Red Velvet, Vanilla, and Coconut Chocolate....don't worry we didn't eat all of them!
Finger-lickin good!
Forks up! Ready to go!
Red Velvet, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

Speaking of cupcakes, I promised I would let you know who I was featuring this week for Blogs to Love. I am interviewing the girls who own Dressing on the Side. They combine my two favorite things, Cupcakes and Fashion! But we will learn more about them on Wednesday. I hope you are as excited as I am!

So that was my weekend! I told you I was a busy little bee! Family, friends, and cupcakes! But, it did lead to the push-back of my Blogs to Love feature...

Only a Little Complicated. :)


brookeiam said...

awww it's like my sister and her boyfriend!! they seriously have opposite's kind of sad to see that when he's getting off work she's going to school and vise versa :(

but i love the messy bun!! my roommate sports it all the time haha we call it the paige bun"

shade of whim said...

what a great post! beautiful pic of you two and i am now in cupcake search (seriously) after seeing the pic of yours! yum!
looking forward to following your blog. glad i stumbled across it! xx

Tunes & Spoons said...

The Norman Luboff Choir rocks by the way!!! Seriously, me and the hubs have one of their records and they are really amazing! I love records. Annnnd Toy Story 3 is the best, I think me and John are going to climb into bed now and watch it on our laptop!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your friend! Thrift store looks fun and cupcakes? Count me in! xo


Oh wow, I've got serious cupcake envy!

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