Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh So Stylish!

I got special news! I was given an award by the beautiful and talented Emily Day from Daily Eday
Me? A Stylish Blogger? Who would've thunk?

Yay! I am so excited that someone would think of my blog as stylish, and fun to read! I am honored for the recognition from a fellow fabulous blogger! Thank you so much Emily!

So, there are a few rules to this Award:
- Thank the Person who gave you the award.
- Name 7 facts about yourself.
- Give the award to 7 Stylish Bloggers, and comment them letting   them know!
Here are the 7 random facts about myself. I always hate this game because I can never think of unique things about me. But I will try...

One. I have a puppy-radar built into my mind. No. Literally. No matter where I am, if there is a dog around I WILL find it! And then react with a screech of "puppy!", even if the dog is clearly 12 years-old. I have always loved dogs, and am a firm believer that there is no such thing as an ugly dog. Even though my Huds-buts(Hudson) is clearly the cutest dog in the world! Observe...
Two. I am a nerd. Growing up with brothers has made me the biggest nerd in the whole world. I get legitimately psyched when I see a new sci-fi or comic book movie coming out. Nick and I will literally have hours of conversations regarding DC vs. Marvel Comic Books. But, the good news is it takes a nerd to love a nerd, so I'm in luck!
Dark Night Premier. Imax. Oh yeah!
Three. I am kind of addicted to Musicals. I don't know what it is, but something about bursting into song and dance in the middle of an ordinary day just fills me with pure joy! I have never met a musical I didn't like, and I don't think I ever will. (Yes, I am a Gleek!) 
Four. I love all things lady-like, and have an extreme affinity for ANYTHING with a bow. I have a firm belief that this stems from my mother's need to put GINORMOUS bows in my hair every day when I was little. Whatever the reason, I am waiting for the day that is socially acceptable to wear a bow in my hair again.
Do you see a trend?
Five. I call my Mom every day. A day doesn't feel complete until I have a chat with my mommy. Even if we just chat about the little things we did that day, it feels good to know that my mom will always care. I don't think she really realizes how much I need her, and that is a shame because I need her more than anyone else in the world. Love you mom!
Six. Speaking of my mom, I get told by family and friends that I look exactly like my mom when she was in college. My mom and I aren't so convinced, but the question is still up for debate. My mom was beautiful and had fabulous style (thanks for NOT saving your clothes mom!) when she was my age, so it would be quite the honor! What do you think?
Seven. I have a very unique name. If I had a nickle for everyone asked me where my name came from, I would be rich. The truth is my mom's roommate was nicknamed Kai, and she liked it. And she wanted my brothers and I to have unique but short names (Shea, Bryn, & Kai). Actually Kai is Hawaiian for "Ocean", and Mercado(my last name) is Spanish for "Market". So my mom subconsciously named me "Ocean Market". Hi, I'm Ocean Market, nice to meet you!

So, there you have it! 7 random facts about me! I hope a few of you cared enough to read all of them. And then the last part of accepting this fabulous award is giving it to 7 fellow bloggers. And the winners are (In no particular order)....

2. MJ at Yours Truly, MJ
4. Donna at Suddenly I See
5. Heather at La Feem
6. Meghan at Pocketful of Pretty

I seriously love so many blogs, but these really stand out of having a bold and unique style! Definitely go check out these blogs, and their creative writing and style! Keep it up girls!! I am glad you guys are there for me to read and find daily inspirations! 

No Complications just Awards Galore!


La Feem said...

You are so cute, love the happy dance and yes you and your Mother look soooo much alike! Thanks for the award and the support, I really appreciate it!!

Have a wonderful Sunday,

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! i tried to get past the super awk picture of us from back in the day (hello BLONDE HAIR). all i could think of the entire time was "caaaandyyyy".

i'm still not sure if i should thank you for putting that photo out there for the world to see. lovely post!

MJ said...

Hey thanks for the award. I love the pictures of your mom, they're so fun. And I love that you talk to her everyday, I'm glad you have a such a good relationship with her!

Also, I LOVE PUPPIES too! My dog is about 6 years old now and I always call him my puppy! Although, he does still act like a puppy really.

waldo said...

I heard a lot of complaints about those BIG bows at one time, but I had the MOST stylish daughter around! She got lots of complements. I'm so glad she still likes to talk to her mom....I miss her enormously! So proud of your writing!!!!

brookeiam said...

ahhh i am so honored kai!!! thank you so much :))
i love the oldie pictures and i call or text my mom everyday too!! in fact i haven't spoken to her today so thanks for the reminder !!

kelcy said...

thanks for the award!! :) i've never gotten a blog award...i'm so excited!! you definitely made my day <3
and i still think it is okay to wear bows in your hair!! just do it :)

benson said...

thank you so much! there are SO many things we have in common and I love the musical reference--one of my "saved" blogs is "my life is a musical" or something like that--wouldn't you love to break into song at some random place? Thanks again and we'll be sure to follow up!

Natalie said...

Congrats! I'm still working on my post...Thanks for following my blog, I will be reading yours too! Ps: you do look alot like your mom!

Alyssa said...

No girl needs an excuse to wear a bow in their hair i wear one almost everyday :) i have them on bobbypins and headbands and elastics - bow craziness going on right here :)

I call all dogs puppies too , and get so cross when people try and correct me to call it a dog. Puppies for life :)

Krystal said...

congrats on the award, so much fun to read your answers! I have puppy radar too :)

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Aw, thank you so much for passing this award on to me!! So sweet of you! Loved reading more about you. I love bows too!!! That is so sweet you call your mom everyday. That is important to never lose that closeness!

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