Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day Tradition

Another short post today due to the holiday...but thought I would write a little blurb about our Thanksgiving tradition.

As far back as I can remember, we celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday. I believe there was a reason back in the day, but we have been doing it for so long it has become quite the tradition. To be honest, I kind of like it.

For the day of Thanksgiving, the Mercado Family has developed our own little tradition. I love the idea that while the rest of America is doing the same thing, we're mixin it up Mercado style. 

What is this tradition you ask? Drumroll please.....
That's right, you're jealous. :)
Whoever is in town from our family is an eligible contestant. This year, the partners were as follows:
Becky (Mom) & Bryn Mercado
Julio (Dad) & Kai Mercado
The stage was set, and the match was on like Donkey Kong. Unfortunately for daddy and I, the broseph and mom JUST beat us. But it's okay, we'll get 'em next year!

I love that my family shares a passion for tennis, and it is something we can all do together. Traditions are a great thing, and brings you that much closer with the people you share them with. And a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right?

Minor competition Complications, but good times for all.


Brooke said...

I love reading everyone's traditions! Happy thanksgiving !

Amy said...

Tennis Showdown?! Oh so jealous! Sounds like a blast! Tagged you in my post tonight, come and check it out! Loves,

Alyssa said...

that is so wonderful you have your own little tradition! Family tennis? sounds like an absolute blast though i think if it was me i would throw massive tantrums if i did not win and fake a leg injury :)

JMay said...

You are right, I am jealous! I love tennis so much :-)

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