Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dodger Disasters.

Last weekend Nick and I decided to take in a nice Dodger game at Petco Park. Right? Wrong.
{Our first Dodger outing together. Oh pleasant memories.}
What transpired was anything but nice, or pleasant, or fun, etc. I suppose I should start from the beginning...

Ever since I have known Nick, I have know he is a HUGE Dodger fan, and a baseball player as well. While I love the Dodgers (born and raised to), I am more of a basketball gal myself. Go Lakers! Playoffs baby! Okay, I digress. Anyways he suggested that we should go to see them play while they were in town. While I don't normally have the patience (attention span) to watch a whole game on TV, I am down for a trip to see the real thing. Plus, who can say no to peanuts and hot dogs?

But my real favorite part of going to a game is seeing how happy it makes Nick when we share something that he is passionate about together. His face lights up when he is talking Dodgers, and that makes me smile more than anything else. So of course, I had to go all out! I bought a new hat AND jersey for our very first Dodger game together! 
{Making my man proud!}
All was going well, or so we thought. We went to meet up with some friends, and we all hopped the trolley over to Petco Park. I was having a great time, I think I even confessed how much fun the trolley was. (Boy would I come to regret those words.) 
{Posted up on the trolley. Can you guess which feet are his?}
The only downer were the looming clouds in the sky. I turned to Nick and said you know what is going to happen right? We are going to step one foot inside the park and it will start pouring.... From the glare I received from Nick and his friends, I knew I had said exactly what everyone didn't want to hear!

We finally made it to the park, and stepped one foot inside starts pouring! Oh nooooo! I jinxed it! We get in just in time to see officials rolling the tarp over the field. Sweet. We decide to check out our seats (which were on the OPPOSITE side of the field). Soaking wet, we sit in our stadium covered (thank goodness) dry seats. After about an hour of rain and more rain, I turn to Nick and ask Can we go?   
{In our seats. Cuddling close to Nick and trying to put on a happy face.}
We decide to leave, and run in the rain to catch the next trolley. Oh gosh the trolley. It took, I kid you not,  an hour and a half to get back to my car, and two hours to get back to my house. Sitting there soaking wet, I no longer thought the trolley was fun. Not to mention the rude people sitting across from us. (More on that later.)

Here is the real kicker. We get back to my house, turn on the tv, and the Dodgers had started the game again!! I look at Nick with desperation and see pure disappointment on his face. If we would have stayed we could have seen them play. I felt horrible! And as much as he said it was okay, I still felt like the evil witch that made him leave! 

But, he still loves me! So if we can survive missing his favorite team play his favorite sport, I am pretty sure we can get through anything. Love you babe!
Moral of the story. Don't take sports too seriously (except for the Lakers). And also don't leave baseball games early. K?


[SMASH] said...

How cute are you two?

Sports are always more fun in person! Bummer that y'all left before it got started, but I don't blame you.

It's so nice to be with someone and see how much they love things. The BF and I have a shared passion for soccer and it's so fun to experience it all together!

Meri said...

Well, who could predict how long the rain would last? That last picture with the mustaches is the best!

Diana Smith said...

I am a total california girl at heart so I LOVE the dodgers! Great pics!

Little Tree Vintage said...

you guys are too cute, love the pic of the shoes :)

Olivia.Dee said...

i had a bad trolley experience as well... the damn doors closed on me!

The Dodgers come back in August... no rain shall stop you then!

Courtney B said...

Ooooh how sad and frustrating!! I HATE being wet so I would be even MORE irritated!
On another note... you and nick are SO cute togeher!
I'm so glad I found your blog!

brookeiam said...

You are wayyy too cute. I love your dodgers hats. I totally bought a dodger hat this Spring for the spring training game, and because i'm planning on going to games this summer! Yayyy :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

you two are adorable! love the mustache photo and of course... your hair!!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

aww, too bad! But it can be that funny story of your first Dodgers game together that you will laugh about later! Stupid rain! Also, you look SNAZZY in your new 'fit! I heard it so much, so sporty cute.

this free bird said...

hey at least you weren't at dodgers stadium where people get pummeled to within an inch of their lives. sad.


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