Friday, April 15, 2011

Guest Post: When There is Love There is Life

{And the other part of this fabulous duo, Kelcy from When There is Love! Like her sister, she has been an amazing supporter of my blog from the beginning. I am so excited for you to see how great she is!}

Hello hello! to all of Kai's lovely followers & friends :)
I'm so excited to be doing a guest post for Kai today 
while she's off in beautiful San Francisco.
I'm so jealous.

Anyways...another thing I'm jealous about is how everyone
is all excited about heading off to Coachella today.
I've been longing to go for the past few years, 
but it seems to keep getting pulled out from under me!
I know I'm not the only one...
there are tons of us that would rather be dancing the days & nights away
instead of working, doing homework, or just having a "normal" weekend.
So I'm dedicating this post to those of us that aren't going to Coachella
who still want to have an amazing time &
make all of our Coachella-bound friends jealous of our "normal" weekends 
(okay...impossible, but we can try!)'re not going to Coachella.
Here's some tips on how to have a Coachella-inspired weekend:
Step 1: 
Get all of your friends together and pretend to go!  Dress as if you're headed to the fantastic festival 
but instead, roadtrip somewhere a couple hours away from your city to explore a new place with your friends.

Step 2:
Make a mix-tape of your favorite Coachella artists from this year's lineup and blast them in the car while driving with the window's down and the music up! (one of my fave things to do)
OR...follow this live feed on YouTube of the Coachella experience

Step 3:
Once you get to your destination, spend the night, camp, eat delicious food, shower (not something a lot
of your Coachella-bound friends can do if they're camping out!), make cocktails, and take LOTS of fun pictures!!  You're going to want to contribute your photos to Facebookto take away the pain that occurs when your news feed becomes clogged with all of these new Coachella albums :)
It may not be Coachella, but if you have an adventure of your own,
at least you can share your amazing stories & photos with friends
instead of just having a boring weekend while they were having 
the time of their lives.
Even if your friends didn't go to Coachella without you,
have a roadtrip anyways for yourself & your closest friends.
Stop kicking yourself in the butt for not buying tickets quickly enough
and get out there & make your memories.
And...remember to save up money for next year's Coachella ticket! 



Melissa said...

I've never heard of Coachella. Just looked it up and I SO wish I could go! How FUN! Envious of any and all who are going...I will have to just pretend

Anonymous said...

ahh so excited you're going!!! that's awesome. i can't wait for stagecoach ,since i'm a huge country nerd. i hope it's nearly as awesome :)

[SMASH] said...

This is a really fun idea! :)

Kara said...

OMG- I'd love to go to that sometime. I was trying to work it 2 yrs ago, but couldn't do it.. maybe next year?! I like your road trip idea. It's good for those of us who'd otherwise have to fly across the country for the concerts.

beau&lindee said...

new to your site and i love it!
i can't wait to find out where all my local thrift stores are!
looking forward to reading more.
..following you now!

JMay said...

I love this post! I was so bummed to miss Coachella this year...such a fun idea to do w/ girlfriends!

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