Thursday, April 21, 2011


So I am always on the hunt for fun, affordable things to do in San Diego. Old Town is definitely one of those things! Nick and I decided to have a Mexican adventure without even leaving our city. And what is the first thing you need to do on a Mexican adventure? Well eat of course!
{Our hacienda style restaurant. Loved the relaxed vibe. And check out that sunshine!}
 {Um. Yum.}
One of my favorite Mexican dishes is fajitas! And let me tell you, these were not disappointment. By the way, if you order fajitas make sure to NOT touch the skillet they bring out to you. Oh, you knew that? Well I didn't last year, and burnt three of my fingers! Not. Pleasant.
Then, while were eating, three men come on the patio and start serenading the customers. While I am sure some thought this was annoying, I thought it was amazing! I found myself swaying along to the spanish guitar and their beautiful songs. But I felt awkward asking them to play for me because I didn't have any cash for a tip. So, I just observed and danced from afar. 
Quite possibly my favorite part of going to Old Town is buying fresh homemade tortillas. I don't think there is anything better in the entire world than warm, freshly made tortillas. You go right up to the counter, and tell them how many you want, and they make them right there! I might have gotten six. No judgement.

Then it was time to explore, and boy did we explore. I loved looking at all the nic-nacs in the several stores. And there were several random little museums, that were free! Sure they were about wagons, but free is free people!
{Nacho Libre is one of my favorite movies of all time. If you haven't seen it, see it! I tried desperately to convince Nick to buy a mask. No dice.}
{Los Angeles & San Diego. Great combo! The place where I live and the place that is home to The Lakers!}

During our exploration, we stumbled upon this little sign...
{Candy? What? Where?!?!!?}
I'm sorry, but how are you NOT supposed to go into this store? Cousin's Candy Shop? Whose cousin, mine? I am intrigued....Oh yeah, and the whole candy thing was appealing too. After waiting in a short line, we got into the small little shop only to discover wall-to-wall goodness!
{Jellybeans galore!}
{I. Want. Everything.}
{Saltwater taffy! Divine!}
Needless to say we left with a few things. I was seriously excited about the taffy, and basically got one of every flavor (there were a lot of flavors dude), and Nick picked out two different types of fudge! We were not disappointed. I am pretty sure every flavor of taffy was better then the next, but I think my favorite was peanut butter. And the fudge. Oh the fudge. Nick got this birthday cake fudge....ummmm....amazing...
{Hat: Dodgers woo!   Top: Free People   Sunglasses: Vintage   Bag: dunno   Scarf: Dunno}
Here is kind of an outfit post. I was dressed casual because we were supposed to go to the batting cages after, but they were closed. I guess baseball wasn't in the cards for us that weekend. All in all it was a pretty amazing day taking in different culture, and also a bit of sunshine too!


[SMASH] said...

Fun adventure! :) We have a big Hispanic population here in Dallas [and in Texas in general, duh...] so I know there is nothing better than freshly made tortillas and tamales!

Michelle (michabella) said...

You are SO CUTE!!!! I LOVE MEXICAN!!!! I am actually a 1/4 Mexican. Anyways, I must go here. Love the picture <3

this free bird said...

i'm just gonna say it. i need a margarita.

Ashley said...

What a fun & YUMMY outing! You are so cute in your casual gear! I'm sorry you burned your fingers! OUCH!

Rach said...

Love the pictures! And we have many saltwater taffy places here as well and I pretty much have to stay away in order to avoid buying the contents of the entire store. The peanut butter taffy is my favorite!

California Pretty

posidanielle said...

oh my girl! you are totally making me miss San Diego!! Ahhhh. The hubs and I just need to pick up and move out there because that's where are hearts are.

I hope you have a beautiful day, gorgeous!

Kara said...

Nacho Libre mask! I love it!

Olivia.Dee said...

i neeeeed to get to old town and fast! all that delicious food is calling my name now that i can eat meat!!! and yes of course a margarita or two (or more). :]

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