Friday, April 15, 2011

Guest Post: Living Today but Dreaming of Tomorrow

{I have TWO guest posts by TWO fabulous sisters. The first is Brooke, from Living Today, who is an amazing blogger and has been a great friend to me for the last year of my blog.}

First off, I wanted to say "thank you thank you thank you" to Kai for wanting me to be one of her guest bloggers!! I'm so honored to be apart of her amazing blog, not to mention be in the same ranks as the other guest bloggers.  I decided to write about something I'm reallllly good at, and something that I've been doing a lot of: procrastination.
The Mowry's
You may or may not remember that episode of "Sister, Sister".  Back case you forgot, or were unaware, it's the show about the two sisters who didn't know they were twins until they saw each other at the mall.  And then they lived together with Tia's mom and Tamera's dad.

The episode I'm talking about, though, is the one where they got a tutor for the SATs.  It just so happened to be their little brother, who had his own show called "Smart Guy", where he was basically a boy genius.  Anyway, they decide to get tutored, and after studying for a bit, the tutor orders them to take him to Chuckie Cheese or someplace like it.  They're confused at first, but then they understand that they will do better on the test if they don't take themselves, or the test for that matter, too seriously.  Ever since, this has totally been my approach to studying.  For better, or worse.  

So....without delay:  
The Top 5 things To Do Instead Of Your Homework, That Paper Due In A Couple Days, Or That Group Project You've Been Dreading

1.  Go to Chipotle. 
(If you don't know this already, you will.  I love Chipotle, and I feel better after eating it, whether I'm stressed, sad, disappointed, etc. You're guaranteed to do better on a test after having some Chipots in your tummy.)

2. Take a shower.
(Let's face it, you probably need one, right?  Why not take this time to relax, think about your course of action when you get out, and just give yourself some more time before having to start that project.)

3. Call your Mom.
(I did it today, even.  Even though I really wanted to get my portion of the group project done, I also really wanted to hear my mom's voice and catch her up on my life stories.  You'll be glad you did.)

4. Put in a workout video.
(Zumba, Hip Hop Abs, anything your little heart desires.  Not only are you getting the exercise you've been telling yourself you're going to start getting since you made that New Year's Resolution...but you are also breaking up that lactic acid in your body that's adding to your stress.)

5.  Surf the internet.
(Yeah, you could go onto websites like twitter, blogger, and facebook.  But, to be more productive in a not-so-productive way?  Go to  It's an amazing website, and I used to be obsessed.  I plan to get obsessed again.  You stumble across cute pictures, epic quotes, funny videos, intellectual knowledge, anything.  Hey, maybe you'll even learn something that you can apply or cite in that paper you should be writing.)

Now, I'm not condoning not studying.  I'm just saying that you need to work as hard as you play.  Don't stay up all night studying when you should really be sleeping.  And don't say no to something you really want to do, no matter how much work you're going to have to do the next day because of it.  Basically, have fun.  I promise you won't regret it.  

xoxo, Brooke 


kebowman said...

ahhh! i love love loved sister, sister!! :) Tia was always my favorite! :)

[SMASH] said...

I used to love Sister Sister! :) Yum, Chipotle FTW always. I defintiely use the internet to distract myself [especially at work... like right now!]. Music is a good distraction too.

Kara said...

I love this post!! I'm a HUGE procrastinator, so I can appreciate it. I definitely would add "clean your room/house" to that list.. whenever I'm feeling guilty about putting something off, I feel better if I've at least done something productive like cleaning. :)

Olivia.Dee said...

this is great... i'm procrastinating as i type!

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