Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Name is Kai and I'm....

...both Awkward and Awesome. Get used to it. 

- At my work bathroom, I usually look at myself in the mirror and go into the first stall. It is like clockwork. Well today, I looked at myself, turned around and slammed RIGHT into the stall. Somebody was in there! As bad as that was for me, I bet she had it worse. Just sitting there minding your business and someone slams into your stall??

- Public bathrooms in general. If I know someone is in there I usually wait until they leave to get out of the stall. I hate the awkwardness of washing my hands next to a stranger.

- That moment when you are talking to someone and you realize that you have NO idea what the person just said to you. Pure panic.

- My legs. Went to my booty kicking class at the gym for the first time since being sick all last week. I think it would hurt less to just cut them off entirely....

- Hudson always locks his legs when he is cuddling with me. Seriously. Stiff as a board. Do any other dogs do this? 

- How many times Nick and I have made Peanut Butter 'Smores Turnovers in the last two months. They are SO good and SO easy to make. No judgement. (seriously though. Check them out. Amazingness)

- How pale I am right now. The half-Mexican in me is very disappointed. Where is the darn sun already??

- Ny nephew is almost here! I took a peek at his closet, and he is going to be the best dressed kid on the block.

- I am going to Vegas in June! I am on a desperate hunt for a sexy dress that ISN'T skin tight. I am thinking Draped 70's Goddess. Maybe sparkly? Maybe showing a little leg? Do you guys have ANY idea where to get something that?

- Next week I am off to a work conference in San Francisco! I have never been there before, and I am so excited to discover a new city and network, network, network!

- All of the Austin Powers movies. Nick bought all three of them and we started watching them from the beginning. Friggin hilarious!

- You! You guys are awesome! Have I told you guys that lately?


[SMASH] said...

Haha funny bathroom story! I hate having to engage in small talk when we are washing hands in the bathroom. But really I just hate small talk anywhere!

Pia said...

Ha the bathroom story made me laugh. Too funny! I totally agree with public bathrooms being awkward. I always try to avoid them.

And YOU are awesome, Miss Kai! :)

Anna said...

I'm seriously the most awkward public bathroom user EVER. I hate when I walk in at the same time as someone and we go in the stalls and then there's this weird silence before someone starts peeing. Worst. Thing. Ever.

waldo said...

Wow...didn't know your bathroom angsts...hmm. i am a creature of habit and generally use the same stall that weird? Anyone else do that? Can't even say why.

Ashley said...

Love the bathroom comment! LMAO...Forever21 is always my go to place for a cute dress! I'm half Hispanic too and pretty darn pale - sucks don't it? lol

Shellsea said...

Hiya, I'm a new follower. Just found your blog today. Can't wait to read more.

That bathroom story was too funny. I have a specific stall in my work restroom too. I get very upset when someone uses it when I need to go. lol

kelcy ☼ said...

hahahaha loved the bathroom story :)

today I had to blow my nose in a bathroom that was full of girls...which was pretty awkward too haha. Luckily, brooke was blowing her nose too so we weren't alone in our weirdness.

Those peanut butter s'mores look DELICIOUS! I saved the recipe in my bookmarks!!

Rachel said...

I am loving this awkward/awesome posts. SO hilarious! I just ADORE your blog! I can tell we're going to be bff. So excited to start reading your are TOO funny and SO pretty :) Hope you're having a fab week...TGI(almost)F!

Kara said...

ha, I lol'd for the person in the bathroom stall minding their own business part. My dog doesn't lock her legs when she's next to me, but when she sleeps on her back, she locks them and they just stuck right up.. so funny! My cousin's chihuahua does that when you're holding him though. It does look really weird :)

indie.electronic.alternative. said...

this is hilarious! it's probably exactly how i'd describe myself. i think i'm awesome but i am realllyyyyy awkward. my dog is also a weirdo: he doesn't like to be touched or cuddled. the only way he likes to make physical contact is if i am laying down under covers with my legs indian style. he likes to sit right in the middle. and he does it to friend's of mine who have dogsat. it really freaks everyone out.

Olivia.Dee said...

okay let's work through this list :]

- that pure panic when you realize you have no idea what the other person said... happens all the time to me with the boy. haha. oopsie!

- i'm not feeling the super-pale-ness either. i need color!!!

- vegas!? jealous! and try for a dress (and shoes!)

- never been to SF! it's all kinds of awesome you'll love it.

Rach said...

I always go in the same stall at my work bathroom too. I get very thrown off if someone if is there and get nervous about peeing if it's only me and one other person. I usually walk out and come back in a few minutes after they've left. I'm weird.

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