Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guest Post: Taylor Made

{eeek! My first Guest Blogger! I am SO excited!! Meet Taylor!}

Hello There All Kinds of Complicated Readers, I am so glad to be guest posting here today. 
I am Taylor from Taylormade
I am a lifestyle/fashion/craft blogger. I got married almost a year ago to my husband Dallas, and my blog has allowed me to express my new life as a wife, my daily outfits, and my crafts. I am a senior PR major in college in Oklahoma, so adjusting from California to Oklahoma life has been a big adventure. 
Today I thought I would share with you 7 looks that I love to do.

1st- My Sunday best
Top:F21, Skirt:Loft, Heels:Unknown Belt:F21

I love having an excuse to wear heels. If I wore heels
around campus, I would be judged/I would fall on my face.
I take my Sundays as the best opportunity to feel a little more girly in some great pumps.

2nd- Mixed Patterns
Skirt & Sweater: Old Navy Flats: Target
I do this a lot, mixing patterns. It usually happens when I want to wear two items
that day, and they typically dont match, but I find a way for it to work. 

3rd- Boardwalk Casual
Top:Gap Skirt:Old Navy Shoes:F21 Belt:Vintage
I love flowy white shirts, it immediately reminds me of home
in california. I also adore when skirts or shorts or belted, gives an outfit structure. 

4th- Pretty Business
Top:Old Navy Pants:Target Heels:Unknown
If I have to dress business professional (I usually dread those days)
I try to look as girly as possible. 

5th- Striped Bum
Skirt & Top; F21, Flats: Target
I truly believe V-necks are one of a girl's best friends.
They look good on everyone, and they show off
one of the best parts of a girl's body...her clavicle :) 

6th-Accessory Accent
Top & Skirt:Old Navy Scarf:Vera Wang Shoes:F21
I feel silk scarfs need a comeback.
So many love cotton or knit
I love my Vera, and I love my scarfs. 

7th- Double Denim
Top & Shorts: Target Flats: Payless Belt:F21
Denim on top and denim on bottom, truly is one of my favorite looks.
It is so simple, but looks put together. 

I would love to hear about your favorite type of looks, you can find me here at Taylormade
Its been fun guest posting, I hope I did well! 

Thank you Kai for letting me stop by. Kai and I went to high school together, and I am so glad she blogs because I bet a bunch of us can agree that we just adore her posts, and her.

Photobucket(and Taylor!)


[SMASH] said...

Great outfits! I'll have to stop by your blog sometime!

waldo said...

What was your maiden name? Did u graduate the same yeat?

TaylorMade said...

My maiden name was Taylor Wolf/Taylor Haney-Wolf. I am a year younger than Kai.

KY said...

YES! I love a girl (like me) that rocks Tar-get and F21! Off to check her blog out now! xo

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