Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guest Post: Olivia.Dee

{Meet my friend Olivia. She is kind of amazing, if I do say so myself.}
Hello lovers. My name is Olivia.Dee in this blogging world. But really, I’m Olivia. It’s nice to meet all of Kai’s fabulous readers.
Kai is off being a grown-up in San Francisco and was sweet enough to ask me to guest post. I was (and still am) all sorts of excited about it. Just like having guest bloggers is a first for her… guest blogging is a first for me! [we’re bound to be BFF’s I swear]

The other day I was trying my hardest not to get sucked into the Bravo channel and failed miserably. I ended up watching my first episode of Bethenny Ever After. The episode was about her birthday and how she despises them! I immediately loved her (after I hated her, of course).

I’m not exactly best friends with my birthday either.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve had some great birthdays:

But… they were all after being forced into celebrations.

Turning a year older has never been the greatest topics in a woman's life. And I always laughed at that. I always felt it was a privilege to be a year older, to be a year wiser, to have another year of experience (good and bad) under my belt.

For the better part of my twenty-fourth year I was excited for twenty-five. Bring it on! But now that the day is just a month around the corner, I'm freaking out. I don't know if it's because I'm starting to realize how much of an adult I should be, but don't feel I'm there yet. Or that it's because it means life is REALLY starting. From here on out... every moment and decision matters right?

And of course, at twenty-four, almost twenty-five, I start thinking about my younger self, my naive self, my day-dreaming self. The little girl in a pink leotard and tutu thinking about being married and having kids at the "old" age of 25. But now... I'm almost twenty-five and I'm nowhere close to being where I thought I wanted to be at this age.

After much back and forth with myself, and that inevitable pressure from friends about this years birthday celebrations, I sat down and tried to really think it through. I wanted something different. Something for me. Something BIG that would put twenty-five on the map for me.
 (drum roll please)
Yep... that is correct. B and I are going to Six Flags for my birthday to be whipped around on roller coasters... but to make my birthday meaningful/memorable/different... we WILL be doing that bungee-swing-thing (insert curse words here).

I'm going to be looking like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone!
So I'm here with a few questions for you:
1) Do you freak out over a birthday on a yearly basis?
2) What have you done to make your birthday a bit more meaningful/memorable/different than any other?

Happy Wednesday friends!


this free bird said...

a. i can't stand bethenny.
b. i freak out at my birthday and had an especially massive existential crisis last year that required i be checked into a hotel and go into hibernation somewhere in beverly hills where i swear i got hives and had to drink 4 or 5 cocktails the first day just to get through. then my bff showed and the bf took us out for dinner for days on end and it ended up being my best birthday ever.

c. i'm so glad you didn't like bethenny either. i trust you will go back to that status. it doesn't take much. sad.


[SMASH] said...

I always love when my birthday comes around [any birthday is a good birthday -- still alive!] but it's always a letdown. I get so excited and have so much fun celebrating others' birthdays but none of my friends seem to feel the same about mine. :(

Olivia.Dee said...

Thank you so much Kai for having me as a guest post!

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