Monday, October 18, 2010


It's officially YUCKY outside. That, among other things, has put me in a state of doldrums. I am just "blah", "eh", "ack", "ugh"....shall I go on??

Since my monetary problems have not improved, and I still haven't found a job, and its bad weather outside, I supposed I have to be somewhat creative. Usually, I just go shopping when I am in in a "blah" mood...but I'm broke. And the whole filling a Cart up at the Forever 21 website, but then not actually buying anything is starting to get a wee bit depressing.

So, I can either sit here and pout (lets not glaze over how tempting this sounds...), or do something about it! But, what you ask? Well, I will tell you...

I need a change..something my decision to get me out of my doldrums was a new haircut!

drumroll pleeaassee.....

Alright, alright! Hopefully this will kick me out of this yucky state of mind, and push me to do something new and exciting. I will let you know!

Until Next Time. :)

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