Wednesday, October 20, 2010


In case you didn't know, it is now officially Halloween season! I am proud to say that Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays (Okay, besides Christmas, who doesn't like Christmas?). 

Anyways, I am a HUGE scary movie fan, and Halloween allows me to embrace my inner crazy person and watch all the scary movies I want. I am always looking for cool new scary movies to become obsessed with, but I also have favorites that I watch every year.

These favorites include, but are not limited to the following:
Image from: Valley Drive-ins
This is THE quintessential Halloween movie, and it is a must every year! It combines two of my favorite thing, spookiness and musicals. Genius! It is a bit out there, but if you take a chance, you will not be disappointed. 
(p.s. How excited are you for Glee to do Rocky Horror Picture Show?)
Image from: Movie Forum
Before there was Bella and Edward, there was Brad Pit, Kristen Dunst, and Tom Cruise playing some freaking cool vampires! This movie might be one of my favorite movies of all time, it is so well done. 
Image from: LAist
I am a sucker for a good monster movie, and Cloverfield is just that. It is filmed in the "mocumentary" standpoint, so you feel like your right in the middle of the action. What would you do if a giant monster attacked your city? Is it weird that I think it is romantic that Nick said he would come get me, no matter what?

I could go on about all the different scary movies I LOVE (I am talking about you Paranormal Activity, The Strangers, Nightmare on Elm Street, Night of the Living Dead....shoot got distracted).

Not only are all the movies too legit to quit, the decorations around Halloween are so much fun!! There is a restaurant down the street called Barbarella who literally decorates their whole restaurant, and the the whole block around it. Awesome. 

So random, but I am kinda sorta obsessed with the Picasa feature on Blogger! You can do awesome things to photos! I even upgraded to 2 dollars a month, so that I can do even cooler features to my picture. So here is a few extra spooky that I created (or did I?) just for you!
Just posin for a picture...oh no...what's that in the background?
Oh no! Someone has crossed our faces out with blood! What does it mean????????????
Some kind of creature scratched us must want us dead!
Oh you know, just some of my zombie friends and I, enjoying some drinks and...eyeballs?????

Haha! Okay, I am not officially a Halloween nerd, and proud of it! Get excited for updates on my spooky festivities throughout the month in celebration of this amazing holiday!

Until Next Time. :)

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