Thursday, October 28, 2010

Simplify and Smile

First of all, please observe the cuteness....
He shall now be referred to as BloggerPup :)
So, I have definitely had my hands full with my little bundle of joy, Hudson. Sorry for the delay of posts. He is definitely a lot of work, and causing a lot of sleepless nights, but it is okay because I absolutely love him!

Anyhoo....I've decided that with all this stress in my life (puppy, money, job, food, etc.), I need to take a second to breathe and simplify. I feel like sometimes we all get so busy and stressed, that we don't take a second to actually appreciate where we are and what we have.

I encourage you to take a beat right now and relax and smile. :) If you need inspiration, I hope this image will help:
I captured this moment while babysitting this adorable little munchkin Isabelle. There are so many things about this picture I love and that make me smile.

1. She is holding a flower, that she picked for me thank you        very much.
2. She is jumping on a trampoline. (If I had room, I would def. buy one! How could they not make you happy?)
3. She is wearing a tutu!!! I would wear a tutu everyday if I could.
4. The sun is shining! What a great day!
5. She is a lucky little girl. Children are so amazing, and they teach us so much if you let them!

I hope you took a second to simplify your life, even if it was for 2.5 seconds before the craziness begins again. 

Until Next Time. :)


Anonymous said...

Adorable... the pooch and Isabelle! Now I want to go jump on our trampoline! xo

waldo said...

i remember a little girl in a pink tutu once upon a time....let's see maybe I can still find a picture of her.....

Silver Strands said...

Both adorable photos! But especially the little girl - what a great shot! Your blog is great, I'll definitely be back :)

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