Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Obsession: Volume 2

Although I am not a fan of the laziness that gloomy weather instills in me, especially because I am a lazy person to begin with, I do enjoy other things about Fall. Nothing makes me quite as happy as happy as snuggling up in a fab sweater with a cute scarf, and, of course, boots boots boots!

So I would like to dedicate all the boots I want, but sadly can't if you would like to oogle with me that would be great!

I will categorize by the coolest trends this year...
Ankle Boots
Image from: Nordstrom
Hello, lovely. I might have mentioned this before, but the girliness in me is obsessed with ANYTHING with a bow. I think it can make anything a little more lady-like. And how lady-like are these beautiful shoes? I want. I need. 
Images from: Sole Struck
Oh Jeffrey Campbell, you may not be for everyone, but you are absolutely for me! The wedge bootie is the definition of hip, and no one quite pulls it off like Jeffrey Campbell. Pair these with some opaque tights, and your lookin' fly for fall!
Military Inspired
Image from: Bloomingdale's
I love the shearling around the ankle, SO fall! I have been seeing these military boots everywhere this year. They are a little extreme, but if paired with something a little girly, then it will keep the outfit from looking too themed.
Cold Weather Boots
Image from: Bloomingdale's
Um, these boots make me WISH that it rained here more often. If it did, I would wear these babies every. single. day.(Note the bow) This will be one of the few times that I sigh and say "too bad I live in Southern California".
Image from: Bloomingdale's
Yes yes, I know, ANOTHER bow! I am sorry, I can't help myself, I am drawn to them. I have been wanting over-the-knee boots for a very long time. But the problem you see is that they are a statement boot, so you must be careful of the style you choose. (We don't want to come off as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman) These are casual enough to look fab but not trashy!
Riding Boots
Image from: Nordstrom
I used to have brown riding boots, but I literally tore them apart. The soles of the shoes fell off before I was forced to throw them away. These are the type of boots you can wear everyday with absolutely everything. They are the Everyman of the boot world. 
Image from: Nordstrom
Haha. OKAY. I know these aren't boots, but I waannnttt. Every woman should have a pair of nude pumps (they make your legs look miles long), and this pair is FIERCE.

Okay, since I am no more wealthier then I was at the beginning of this post, I will go on the hunt for a complete replica of these shoes for 95% less then they cost. Those exist right? right?

Until Next Time. :)


Anonymous said...

Those ankle boots you picked are adorable. I am on the hunt for a new pair of riding boots! Hope your weekend is great. xo

Vintage Home said...

...great lookin boots...& shoe(s)

benson said...

gorgeous boots. Don't you love fall when you can wear boots without all the rain and snow to trash them...and then winter has to come and ruin the party.

Kai.Mercado. said...

haha I live in Southern California so we don't get extreme weather :(

its simple love said...

I live in boots in cold weather! I LOVE them. And big wool socks.


Jessica said...

I bought my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes earlier this year and I'm surprised at how comfortable they are for being miles tall! I'm loving that second pair of shoes here!

brookeiam said...

oh my gosh my sister just got a pair of the last photo heels!! she got them from forever xxi tho so wayyy cheaper but so cute!!

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