Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloweens Past

Happy Halloween!!
The day has come! It is officially Halloween. You would think I had extravagent plans for this special holiday, but alas I stayed inside all weekend. Shea and Sarah(broseph and wife) went to Vegas for a Halloween wedding (jealous), so I stayed in Orange County all weekend and dog-sat their girlies, Saylor and Sophie. 

My mom came down from the homeland Bakersfield to watch my other brother, Bryn, and I play in a tennis tournament. (I would give you details, but we lost. haha) Yet, even with my exponential love for this day, I was content hanging out with the family and watching Iron Man and Hocus Pocus.

So because of my lack of Halloween-like plans or costumes, I decided to dedicate this blog to some Halloweens Past.
Before I was born, my mom dressed up as an angel. (I couldn't think of a more appropriate costume)
Daddy Mercado as Raggedy Andy back in yester-year.
Me and the broskies! Of course, I was always the cutest one. :) P.s. how cute is that tutu? I wish I still had it, and I could magically fit in it.
The Sassy Sisters! (My sister-in-law and I) We were quasi-hippies. My mother would argue that hippies would never wear heels, but I still protest.
Last year's Halloween. Nick and I went as Pebbles and Bam Bam. We made our costumes by hand, and I must say it is the ONLY way to go. Who wants to pay 80$ for a cheaply pre-made costume? Not I!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, my FAVORITE costume of all time. Are you ready? I don't know if you are, but here you go:
Just in case you don't get it, we all went as Sesame Street!!!!!! Here is our order, from right to left: Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch (ME!), Count Dracula, Big Bird, Rover, Bert and Ernie, annnd Elmo. I know, you are jealous. You can steal it for next year if you want. 
I absolutely loved this costume! (handmade once again, thank you very much) My favorite was the trash can hat!

I had so many great times in all of these costumes, and I am so grateful for all the people I have spent past Halloweens with. Even though I didn't dress-up this year, I definitely have so GREAT ideas for next year. Always thinking ahead...

Until Next Time. :)


waldo said...

Save some of your'll have many years of making costumes for your little ones some day. I enjoyed every minute see you kids dress up...except for the lion costume....boy that fur got caught in the sewing machine....but I think you kids love Halloween almost as much as Christmas. Kids just love to dress up and you guys were no exception.

MJ said...

"I would give you details, but we lost"
You are too funny.

I like seeing all these pictures of Halloweens past. It makes me want to dig mine out. I'm feeling sentimental now.

Love the pebbles and bam bam costumes. You are lucky you live someplace warm. It's usually snowing here on Halloween, so we have to bundle up!

Amanda said...

a bunch of my friends were sesame street characters this year! i had to work but i helped make the costumes

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