Thursday, October 14, 2010

La Jolla Cove!

Do you know what I realized today?
I live in SAN DIEGO!!!
Life sometimes get so hectic and glum that I forget to look around and smell the metaphorical roses. So, I made a vow to myself to appreciate this B-E-A-UTIFUL city that I live in. I mean, seriously though, if I took a second, I would realize that San Diego is the place to be, and there 2874745983329408378 things to do here.

This recent realization has inspired to me to *GASP* walk outside and *GASP* explore the city! First stop, La Jolla Cove!

So I turned to my fellow adventurer and love of my life, Nicholas, and told him were going exploring! And off we went....

Ummm cave? Yes where do I sign up? We went to explore and discovered that it cost money to go into the cave...disappointment....

Unstable cliff? Sweeet.... You will observe that the picture is of Nicks back because I was to terrified to go to the edge of the cliff. I will stay back on the part where I can't die thank you very much!

We went down to the beach part of the amazing Cove to see all the cool sea life! Little did we know we would be getting a work by skipping from rock to rock, trying not to kill ourselves. 

This guy has it all figured out, fat and lazy, and everyone still thinks he's cute!  

The deadly rock-maze, oh yeah, the moss covered ones are slippery too..ggrreeaattt....

We got to walk through a mini-cave!

There were so many little tide pools! It was so exciting what cool creatures were lurking in each one!

Pondering all of the lovely exploring adventures we just had!

SO moral of the story was that San Diego is kind of amazing, and I can't wait to explore more parts of this city!! Next up, Nick and I have some lovely Halloween-esque plans coming up this month...pumpkin patches, Scream Zone, Costume shopping, etc. 

Until Next Time. :)

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Haylee said...

I went to a seminar at FIDM in San Diego this summer and loved it. I'm jealous you get to live there!

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