Tuesday, October 12, 2010


As some of you might know, I am the youngest child in my family. Not only am I the baby, but I am the only girl with two older brothers. If you ask my brothers, they would say these two traits had proven to be quite beneficial to me growing up. Due to pride, I will NOT admit I was spoiled!

I have recently come to appreciate the other benefits of having two older brothers, that I didn't realize before. So today I will take the time pay credit to my brothers who educated me in music and entertainment at a young age. I would not have come to appreciate half the things I do now, if it weren't for you.

Here is a list, in no particular order, of all the things I love because I have older brothers:

1. Michael Jackson

Alright, I know he is an international superstar, but there is no way I would have loved M.J. like I did if it weren't for Bryn and Shea. I am pretty sure I was listening to Michael when I was a baby. And I still remember the first time Bryn made me watch the "Thriller" video, even though I was way to young and it scared the S&*! out of me! So, I thank you bros for teaching me how to moonwalk and dance battle to the tunes of good ol' M.J.

2. Comic Books

SO I will admit that I am a HUGE nerd. I get equally psyched whenever I hear that a new comic book movie is coming out, and I have my bro-skies to thank for that. I still remember going to the comic book store with them every week when the new comics would come out. I never bought any, but I would always sneak in their rooms and read all of them....even the ones that were in "mint condition", that I wasn't supposed to open...oops....

3. 90's Hip-Hop

Hip-hop and rap today doesn't even compare to what I listened to growing up in the backseat of my brother's Rocky, with the ridiculous sound system built in. If you disagree, you can go ahead and stop reading right now. Nothing can beat the sounds of 2Pac or Biggie, old school Jay-Z, Dupri, heck I will even take Will Smith "Summertime"....the list goes on and on....and I would never appreciate it without the help of my brothers.

4. The Classics

Before there were remakes, remastered, sequels, or prequels, there were The Classics. Those movies that define your childhood, that make you want to learn karate, fight ghosts, or master the force. Those were the movies I grew up watching with my brothers. 

5. Video Games 

Although I never beat Super Mario Bros., and I could never quite make it past the guy whose pants dropped in Punch-Out!, I still loved playing all your video games. If it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't have had the newest video game console at my disposal to practice for hours.....and yet still never beat you! Grrrr!

So thank you Shea and Bryn, from taking me for taking your spoiled little sister, and teaching her how to be a little bit cooler. While, some might see it as being a little unorthodox to let an 8 year-old listen to 2 Pac, I give you nothing but respect....I love you both!

Until Next Time. : ) 

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