Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

- Wearing one of my ONLY green shirts on Wednesday. I had just bought it at Target and was too excited to wait until today.
- Having a huge bruise on my chin from Hudson (my dog) literally headbutting me. He finds a way to injure me daily.
- The guy at Starbucks rapping my order back to me. Um, I think someone has had too many cups of coffee.
- Thinking the guys at the burger place said "You're cute" to me, and when I said "excuse me?" he said "I said thank you". Oh. Does that make me conceited?
- Going to Target to buy razor blade refills and ending up leaving with 2 new shirts, 2 yoga mats (on sale!), work-out shorts, oh AND flats. Rule #1: Never go to Target alone. Rookie mistake.
- How SDSU will be dominating in March Madness! We will go all the way this year, I can feel it!! Go Aztecs!!! 
-The dessert I made last weekend. Trust me, you WILL be hearing about it.
- Seeing a Grate Dane that literally came up to my chest at the dog park. I love big dogs! 
- My friends. I have truly AWESOME friends. You should be extremely jealous of the people I get to hang out with. They are the coolest people in the world.
- Buying a new bra that fits perfectly. Is there anything better?
- MY GIVEAWAY! DUHH!! Have you entered yet?    


[SMASH] said...

Target flats should always be in the Awesome category, even if they are an unexpected purchase. Shopping alone when you're bored is such a rookie mistake that I make all the time [and sometimes on purpose! ;) ].

Collette Osuna said...

That same thing happens to me at target ALL THE TIME..what is it with that place?? lol..too funny!!

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Collette Osuna said...

Hi sweetie....I just saw your comment on my sweet of you:) I love your blog, i think its super cute!!!


This happens to me at Target OFTEN! Wishing you a great ST. Patty's Day doll! xx

waldo said...

Wow...too true today...but a question. Why do most people i know, including me, LOVE Target but HATE Walmart.?

Morgan said...

I love Target but I swear I drop more money there than any other place I shop. I have to avoid it for months at a time.

Olivia.Dee said...

target is addicting.

Shalyn said...

Wow, we could do some major damage in Target together- I am no longer allowed to go alone;-) ha

silvergirl said...

Hey there
Made my way over here via Sydney's blog
What a cute blog you have
Sorry you have been ill, hope you are back to your happy self.

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