Saturday, March 19, 2011

Recommendations Anyone?

So I have had a sudden urge to start reading more books. But here is the problem, I don't know what books to get. That is where YOU come in! I was wondering if any of you guys could recommend some good books to me? I am looking to buy a few and read them in the next few months. I was thinking if I pick the books you have recommended me, I will feature your blog on here and do a book review, all thanks to you!
There is a catch though. I think of reading as an escape from reality. So, I am not really interested in reading about a post-apocolyptic world where kids are forced to battle for survival against the zombie mutant slugs (or something?). I guess the word for what I am looking for is happy. I want to read something that gives me a pleasant escape from the everyday. So, give me your best recommendation! I am excited to see what you all suggest!


Olivia.Dee said...

hunger games series.
water for elephants.
i am number four.
and the something blue series.

Kristin W said...

Happy...I am really into books that evoke thinking and my emotions. So I had to really think hard for some happy books! If you want to get a bit off the track of "it" books, Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan safran foer is a good escape book. Eat Pray Love is a wonderful escape and such a cool story. Any Chuck Palahniuk book if you want a weird type of escape.

Hope you find something you love!

Meri said...

I'm pretty much cracking up reading "tropic of cancer" by Henry Miller- I'm not sure if it's your definition of "happy," but it is mostly like one cussing orgy so far. It's pretty funny to me.
When I want something "lighter," I really enjoy Jenny Colgan, she's a British writer similar to Helen Fielding, who wrote Bridget Jones' Diary. Funny writing, good quick escape.
I also really like non-fiction, but that's a whole other thing.

caz said...

Have you read The Time Traveller's Wife? I love it, so much more than the movie...

Yes, Eat Pray Love is good also..

I also just picked up High Heels and a Head Torch from the library.. it's not really a novel but tidbits of advice about backpacking.. some of the anecdotes are hilarious tho!

Books by Meg Cabot are pretty funny.. she wrote the Princess Diaries, but she's also written other novels...

Lesley Lokko write good Romancey books that have a decent character development...

There's the suggestions off the top of my head...

You could always do the Twlights or Sookie Stackhouse novels if you haven't read them already.. tho not sure that is exactly "happy" reading!

Good luck!

Gertrude said...

Haven't read in a while, so only Dan Brown books come to my mind. Also I love Josephine Cox's books, but they tend to get a little bit too sad and depressing sometimes.

Trina Curran said...

The Bikini Mysteries: Death by Bikini, Death by Latte, and there is one more. If you look them up on Amazon they have three in one book and they are so cute and fast reads! Also, anything by Meg Cabot. :) Queen of Babble was my favorite.

HM said...

I'm not really an "escape reader" - I'm more of a "read to learn" reader. So I'm not sure if you'd be into anything on my list... Regardless... Here's some of my favorites:

Born Round by Frank Bruni (couldn't put it down)

Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin (they attempt to turn you into a Vegan - which worked on me for about a week. But there's a lot of good info in this book regardless - and its HILARIOUS!)

The Heroin Diaries by Niki Sixx (welcome to the world of a rock star - word to the wise: don't have sex with any of them. Just sayin'...)

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (Wicked Years)by Gregory Maguire (this book was highly amusing to me. I loved it. It was strange... but entertaining.)

Half-Assed by Jennette Fulda (a blogger turned author's journey to being skinny. Another one I couldn't put down.)

Have a good weekend!

silvergirl said...

Susan Wiggs - Summer at Willow Lake
there is a whole series based on this book. It is the first and the best in my opinion
Very fluffy, happy ending kind of book

Alyssa said...

gosh it was tough thinking up a happy book. The last few books i read were the hunger games so hello post apocalyptic killing (honestly, i was skeptical reading them as it sounds ridic, but they were actually awesome!)
I'm reading two books at the moment, Kathy Griffins book which has me in giggles everytime i pick it up, so if you are a fan of hers then grab it!

And i have just started the book thief by marcus zusak, everyone is saying its amazing.. I only just started it but... who knows it could be amazing!

jacin {lovely little details} said...

i loved jemimah j by jane green - its one of my faves!

diana said...

this is a great idea.
i love books.

i have a goal to read 150 books in 1001 days. on my blog, i have a tab where you can see each book i have read and my small review.

also, my friends and i do a bit of a book exchange. we are always looking to share!


Renee B. said...

You have GOT to read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (I know, the title is ridiculous). I was skeptical at first, but read it for my book club in like two days. It's in a letter format, but is so easy to get into and fall in love with the characters that you don't even notice! Please read it and tell me what you think! Definitely a happy, sweet story....with a lot of loveable and memorable characters!
Love your blog, just found it! :) Following now!!! xoxo

Miss Caitlin S. said...

oh goodness, so many good ones. water for elephants, the reliable wife, the help and kelly cutrone's book (crying is in the title), it's a great young professional book to read

Amylou said...

The hunger games for sure!
And I really liked the Graceling and Fire. It is a two book series and I liked it!
Right now I'm reading through Harry Potter because I never have.
Then I'm lookin forward to starting City of Bones.
Hope this helps! And I'm on goodreads if you need a reading buddy!

erinj0 said...

Okay - First, I'm new to your blog!
Second, I am starting to REALLY read everyday, too (but because it's spring break and I have nothing better to do)

Third - here are two books that I literally just finished that are VERY good

-Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom
-Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Definitely worth a read!!

Anyways, Have a good day & I will be a new follower : )

♥ Erin

Morgan said...

I hope that there are no repeats here, but some suggestions:

-Miss Misery by Andy Greenwald
-Better than Running at night by Hillary Frank
-The Jessica Darling Series - Sloppy First, Second Helpings, Charmed Thirds (and so on) by Megan McCafferty
-The Heather Wells series - Size 12 is Not Fat, Size 14 is Not Fat Either & Big Boned
-Going in Circles-Pamela Ribon
-Pink by Lili Wilkinson
-Unwind by Neal Shusterman
-Sorta Like A Rock Star by Matthew Quick
-Rose Sees Red by Cecil Castelluci
-No & Me by Delphine de Vigan
-Fated (or Breathers) by S.G. Browne
-Why Girls Are Weird by Pamela Ribon
-Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn
-How To Kill A Rockstar by Tiffani DeBartolo

Just a few of the "lighter" reads I have enjoyed in recent years.

Kara said...

I used to read like crazy.. but not so much anymore, so I'm going to write down some of these suggestions for myself as well :)

Ones that I've read and liked that were happy (and not heavy or deep) are:

-What would jane austen do? (time travel, very fun read)
-Weekend in Paris by Robyn Sisman
-Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot
-Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro
-The Mirror by Malys Millhiser (really old- found it at an old bookstore)
-The Vineyard by Barbara Delinsky (stole from my mom's pile of books, ended up liking it!)

Hope you like something in there!

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