Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Love Roadtrips

{The view of the Mountains on the way back from Bakersfield}
     I have a confession. I love Roadtrips! But you know what I recently discovered that I love even more? Roadtrips with the person you love. I never minded driving for hours by myself, but I never realized what I was missing out on. Nick is a great travel buddy, and it is just another reason why I love him so much. 
{Such a cutie. I die.}
Fun With Nick and Kai: Favorite Things About Road-Trippin'
- Nick holding my hand the whole entire time.
- Blaring music and rapping entire song verses together. Yes, I said RAP. Ludacris, anyone?
- Discovering the endless amount of voices Nick can produce. I swear he should do voiceover work.
- Wanting Carls Jr. only to find one right as we were passing by its exist. Which happened FIVE times!
- Nick always finding a way to make me laugh. Always.
- Letting me ninja death grip his leg while driving in the rain because I am terrified.
- Sharing stories about both of our hometowns, and our favorite places to go.
- Ending the trip with this song (won't you sing and dance along with me?)
- This progression of how uneblievably awkward Hudson is. Does this look comfortable to you?
     I am so lucky to have Nick to share experiences with! He makes everything so much better. I can't wait for all of our roadtrips throughout our life together. Our little awkward family (Nick, Hudson, and I) makes me happy every day, and I am so excited to see where each day takes us.  Speaking of awkward, are you guys excited to see our awkward family photos tomorrow? I know I am!


brookeiam said...

aww that is precious!!
i've only been on a roadtrip with Kelcy a few times and then with our friend paige another time.
i can't be able to share it with someone i love, hopefully soon! :)

(hahah funny story: you know how there's the word verifications? i just typed "calalogs" in the comment box because i just woke up...instead of typing it in the word verification button hahah)

Sandy a la Mode said...

i'm def a fan of roadtrips but i don't go on them enough! the last one i went on was with a friend from kansas city to denver to vegas to los angeles to san francisco... geez that was fun!!!

Daniela said...

cute! I love road trip...we drove to canada 2 years only took 5 hours but it was really fun.. I recorded everything along the way.

Fashion Therapist said...

O.M.G. Your dog....I'm speechless - too cute!!!

this free bird said...

i love a good roadtrip, too - and girl hudson's like gumby!!


Kacie said...

bakersfield! my dad lived there almost my entire childhood... talk about THEEE HOTTEST SUMMERS!
my cousins grew up in tehachapi, so i was always in that Kern County area.. i think i could spot that road in any picture :)

Amylou said...

Just hopped over from Scenic Glory!

How fun! I love road trips....and making memories on road trips. What a sweet list!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I got to know you better! And I LOVE your blog! How adorable! And your pup is precious! And you're a lucky gal to live in San Diego! We love that city!!

Ashley said...

I love road trips, too! Especially with my fiance. He loves to drive and I love to crank up the music, watching the scenery so it works out pretty well.

Super cute blog! :]

Olivia.Dee said...

I love road trips with the boy. I especially love that he loves to drive!
We're taking one in May to San Francisco. I can't wait!

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