Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello Stranger!

     Hi guys! I'm not sure if you remember me, but my name is Kai. I am the sole contributer to this little blog, and I have sadly left it abandoned for the last week. I do apologize to all of you who might have missed me, even the tiniest bit. I was sick all last week (still am a little bit), an my brain could literally not function enough to write, let alone come up with something to post. But don't you worry! I am back, and better than ever!
     Okay, I don't know about that better than ever part, but I am back. Since I hadn't done it in a while, I thought I would feature another Wear it to Work post today! My momma also thinks I am slacking in the writing part of my posts, and she wants to read more of what I have to say! So this one is for you momma, I tried to write as much as I could! lol! We have been in the process of moving offices, so excuse the out-of-orderness and the change of scenery.
{Romper: F21 Scarf: Vintage}
Did I mention how much I love my sea salt spray? It is the perfect excuse to never do my hair ever again. I do love to straighten, yet avoid it at all costs. ANYHOO. I always am so jealous when I see people's fashion posts, and they write that their outfits were "thrifted" or "vintage". But today I can be one of those people! This is my mom's scarf from the 70's and I am OBSESSED with it. It is so big and beautiful, you can literally wear it 30948769483279 different ways. 
New office. This is when I started to feel sick, hence putting little effort in both my outfit and my hair. Well thats not true, i did put a bit of effort into my hair. I am always excited to try new hairdo's that don't require me straightening my whole coif. This bun was done using Sydney's tutorial over here. I really love the high bun. So high in fact I had to do a bit of a lean to get it all in the picture. But it is easy to do, and adds a little glamour to any look!
{Denim Shirt: F21 Necklace: F21}
I got to work from home on Wednesday, because I was miserable and sick. But I came in the next day inspired by some clothes I had just gotten in the mail! Let me just start by saying I LOVE FOREVER 21! Anyways, I had been searching for a denim shirt that was affordable (because lets face it, they probably won't be in style forever), and found this one on the Forever 21 website. I actually loved my whole outfit, I wore this denim shirt, paired with that fab neclace, and RED (yes red) skinny capris. And where was my ENTIRE outfit from? You guessed it, Forever 21!
{Sweater: LA Made Glasses: Ray Ban Scarf: F21}
It's so weird how my hair is not actually done in any of these pictures? I supposed its a good thing that the messy and effortless look is in now. (it is in style right?) So I don't know if you have guessed, but I love scarfs, I think they add amazing touches to any outfit. And I am also excited that they are showing a lot more light weight scarves in stores, that are more acceptable to wear during the summer. i think I would die if I had to give up my favorite accessory because it was warm outside! Anyways, Sydney (yes I am obsessed with her blog, The Daybook), did a scarf tutorial here, and taught be how to tie this little beauty you see above! P.S I didn't even mention how much I love this sweater, which I DO!
     So there you have it. A recap of my work fashion for the last couple weeks. If you guys have any cool hair demos, or suggestions, I would love to hear/try them! And stay tunned for me being a better blogger this week!


Chrissy said...

Looking fab in all of the pics! I really missed you - was excited to see a new post show up in my reader!
Hope you're feeling better!
Happy Monday! xxx

Meri said...

You sure don't look sick- you look great! I love the fun hairstyles. I like to try different braided looks, plus they stay out of my face better then too :)
Hope you're fully recovered!

Brittany said...

Welcome back Kai!! Looove your Thursday look! SO cute! :)

Emily said...

Love love love your outfits! So cute. And I just adore your blog. :)

La Feem said...

You are so cute in everything, loving the top bun and that LA made sweater! Nice vintage scarf as well btw.

Sorry to hear you were sick, if you can come up on Wed. between 4:30-7 ;30 at the rustic rooster come! I'd love to meet you. (the sale I posted about Sunday...)

Hope you feel all the way better soon!

Amylou said...

How fun! I like the idea of wear it to work. So what does your hair look like if it is done, because I think it looks great! And different for each outfit too!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

ooo yes, I love this feature!! It's SO cute and I love singing the daily fashion goodies... okay, I am obsessed with that high bun. I have never done one and I've never successfully followed a hair tutorial so on both counts I'm so impressed, it just adds such a nice hint of glamour and I love, love, love it! Also, your Friday sweater is the t*ts, in every way.I'm also jealous you wore red F21 pants to work, F21 and me usually don't go together too well... their smaller sizing and my bigger butt pose a work dilemma. Either way, great looks here!! I am excited to read more this and thanks for the heads up about your post, can't wait to see! :)

Miss Caitlin S. said...

oooo saw the blog of the week area, thank you!!! That's awesome :)

Rach said...

You are so adorable! I too am obsessed with sea salt spray. Seriously the secret to getting perfect beachy waves. I've been a bad blogger too lately so don't feel bad!

[SMASH] said...

Wow, this was a really cool post. Very cool style, great hair in all the different ways, and you're gorgeous! XO

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